Saturday, August 1, 2009

hoW tO reaCh youR dReams

This statement perfectly explains the benefit of setting goals. Establishing goals for yourself, professionally and personally, can help you reach the objectives that are important to you.

How to do I set goals?

So use positive words!

Define your goals in very specific terms. Remain conscientious that the goals you set are realistic and attainable. Let your common sense be your guide in keeping your goals within reach.

Conversely, don't establish goals that are too low. Many of us fear disappointment and failure so we set goals that offer little challenge or effort to achieve. I've achieved my goal - now what?

Once you've achieved a goal, reward yourself for a job well done! If, however, you found that this goal was bit easy, be sure to make your future goals a little more difficult. Don't allow yourself to despair if you did not achieve your specific goal. Anything worth attaining is worth the effort.

Consider what you would need to do to achieve it and what it would really be like if you achieved that dream.

Then the key question - what can you do to achieve that dream? Don't be in a rush to reach the dream, advance steadily, slowly and often towards the goal and you will find that one day that dream just might become reality.


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